Thursday, 20 August 2009

Movie-Con 2: The Aftermath

Wow, what a weekend, with more previews, movies and Robert Downey Jr appearances you could shake a stick at!

For brevity's sake, I'll talk about the highlights of each day. For a full breakdown of what was shown go to

Day 1:

Best clip - KICK ASS
The audience went mental for the footage which literally kicked ass. Set to be the superhero film of 2010 (and Nicolas Cage's best performance since... a long time ago).

Clip was good, lots of action but looked like it was from the climax of the film.

Most ridiculous clip - TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON.
First Taylor Lautner (aka Jac-Abs) took his shirt off to wipe blood off Kristen Stewart's face, then R-Patz slowly took his shirt off while looking moody. Girls swooned, blokes laughed their asses off.

Best Q&A - Terry Gilliam talking about THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR PARNASSUS

Biggest surprise - Robert Downey Jr turning up with Guy Ritchie to introduce footage of Sherlock Holmes (although the trailer made it look like Bruckheimer does detectives)

Top 5 trailers - Kick Ass, The Lovely Bones, Dorian Gray, Where The Wild Things Are, A Nightmare On Elm Street

Day 2:

Best clip - IRON MAN 2
Looks like being even better than the original. More Nick Fury, more War Machine, more Sam Rockwell. Not too sure about Whiplash though. Oh, and RDJ was there again (man-crush is in full effect now).

Worst clip - PANDORUM
Run of the mill Sci-Fi horror. Never begin your trailer with the words "from the producers of the Resident Evil movies"!

Most ridiculous clip - PONYO ON THE CLIFF

Best Q&A - Stuart Hazeldine talking about EXAM (and how to get into screenwriting)

Biggest surprise (joint) - Winning the Kim Newman 'Basterd Hard' movie quiz. How hot Kathryn Bigelow looks for 57. How underwhelmed I was with the Avatar footage.

Top 5 trailers - The Road, Exam, Tron: Legacy, Toy Story 3D and Jonah Hill's intro to Funny People (better than the film).

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