Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo... and a safety pin through her nipple!

The first teaser poster for David Fincher's US remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has arrived in The Belmont and I'm posting it here for all to see.

What does everyone think?  Rooney Mara certainly has the required look (including exposing her breats with a safety pin through her nipple), what will the silver screen brigade make of it?

After a killer first teaser trailer and now this poster, this is one remake I'm actually looking forward to!


  1. I'm torn. I don't like it when Hollywood remake great films (eg Let the Right One in), especially so soon after. But the trailer does look pretty good.

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  2. While I can't see the remake being better than the original (a lot will be lost in translation), it will open up a great story to those who don't get on with subtitles.

  3. I've never seen the original movie, and I've never read the books. I'm coming to this primarily as a Fincher fan (and, I guess, as a Daniel Craig fan), and it looks really cool to me.

  4. Bryant - read the books - you'll be glad you did. I enjoyed the original film, but I believe that in this particular case we may see one of those very rare examples of a Hollywood remake film that actually was cast well. Fincher could have gone BS with this and made it a corporate sell out - could have cast a lot of lovely American actresses in this role but he went for someone with grit. And then there is Craig... Daniel Craig will blow the doors off with this role. He will make the original actor seem pale. Hold on to your hats folks this one is going down into the book. ;)