Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Avenger Effect - An Empire Blog Post

This week I wrote a little piece on how the success of the Avengers has boosted Shawarma sales since its release. Also provided a few other examples of products that have received a boost on the back of movie product placement.
I am very proud to say that the blog is online at the Empire magazine website, and you can read it here.
Hopefully it will be the first of many items that I'm able to do for my favourite movie magazine.
Thanks to Helen O'Hara and Phil De Semelyn for their help and advice.


  1. Hi, I read your post on Empire and then found out about your 500 films challenge. I was curious to know if you had a list of the 500 films in an easier to read format than on Empire's website?

  2. Did a parody of the Avengers ending;