Friday, 9 January 2015

The Woman In Black 2: Angel Of Death- review

This unwanted and unnecessary sequel feels like a completely different horror script has been reworked to take place in Eel Marsh House.

The first Woman In Black was a genuinely scary horror film (especially for a 12A) but this one is a damp squib by comparison, relying on nothing more than fake jump scares.

It also doesn't help that all the potential scary moments have been featured in the trailers, and I mean all of them, thus reducing any impact on the viewer.

The point the film well and truly lost this audience member was after a group spend a long time trying to light a candle in the dark, upon realising a child is missing, one of them runs off to find them, turning on his flashlight in the process... his FLASHLIGHT! Why didn't he turn that on before?!

The Woman In Black 2? Wish I could have blacked out and pretended it was all a bad dream.

1 star

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