Thursday, 30 July 2009

Comic-Con: The Geek WILL Inherit The Earth

So Comic-Con is over for another year and thanks to the panels appearing in Hall H, it is now regarded as important a date on the film calendar for major studios as the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals.
All the major blockbuster titles coming out over the next year previewed footage for the first time at San Diego (which of course if you are familiar with German means "A Whale's Vagina"): James Cameron's AVATAR, Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND, IRON MAN 2, and of course TWILIGHT: NEW MOON (cue teenage screaming and fainting).
The main difference between San Diego and Cannes, for example, is that the footage is being screened to the fans, NOT press/critics/industry moguls/etc. The fans are the ones who will buy tickets for the films and spread word of mouth so it is important to give them something to get excited about.
Studios really began to take notice of the event following the massive success of IRON MAN in 2008 following its amazing reception at Comic-Con. Now any movie that is looking to reach a wide, mainstream (albeit slightly geeky) audience will showcase at the SDCC.
And after all the constant blogging and twittering from movie websites during this year's Con, I have decided I must be a part of it next year and I'm already looking into travel and hotels for 2010. Bring It On!
Favourite moments - Empire magazine with photos of David Tennant being confronted by three Predators asking him if he was Doctor Who and the terrific reaction that the Kick Ass panel received - Well Done Mark Millar.

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