Friday, 3 July 2009

Top 5 reasons to visit the cinema this weekend

One of my favourite parts of High Fidelity were the Top 5 lists that Rob, Dick and Barry kept making up to discuss while working in the shop. And the great thing about this blog is that I can do Top 5 lists about all sorts of movie topics.

The first is my Top 5 reasons to come to The Belmont this weekend;

1. Avoid sunburn - watching a movie inside The Belmont will help you avoid those harmful UV rays that Aberdeen has been catching this past week. I was out in the sun for 3 hours on Thursday and half of my body got burnt lobster red... I look like Two-Face from Batman!

2. Andy Murray has been knocked out of Wimbledon - so there is no reason to stay at home and watch the tennis.

3. Public Enemies - The new Michael Mann film starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale is terrific. A proper, grown up film during a summer of dirge like Transformers 2.

4. Air conditioning - It might be sweltering outside but our screens are fully air conditioned up to keep you cool during the heatwave, and you get to watch a film at the same time.

5. Public Enemies - Yeah, it's on the list twice but it really is that good (plus there are great trailers for Inglourious Basterds, Antichrist and Shutter Island in front of it).

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