Wednesday, 21 October 2009

(500) FIlms of Empire - Day 34

394 - Cloverfield - 4 stars
Visually overwhelming on first viewing, it was time to fully reassess the movie that was more nauseating to watch than The Blair Witch Project.
Filmed entirely from the perspective of a camcorder held by Hud, who was part of a group holding a going away party for their friend Rob, when an unknown "thing" attacks NYC.
Trying to evacuate Manhattan, with Rob wanting to stop along the way to rescue his best friend/girlfriend, the reason and force behind the attacks is slowly pieced together through tiny glimpses out of the corner of the camera, mobile phone conversations and news reports.
There are obvious allusions towards the events of 9/11 with the NYC attack, the shocked dust covered bodies wandering the streets, the overall sense of not knowing what is happening, etc.
The intro to the film sets up a sense of how it will all end, but with all the characters thrown into this situation early on and not a huge amount of time for character development means all bets are off in terms of survival odds.
Overall an immensely enjoyable thrill ride and everything that Godzilla (1998) should have been!

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