Wednesday, 28 October 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 42

In honour of my trip to Brighton at the weekend, I picked up a copy of the finest film ever shot there:

241 - Brighton Rock - 4 stars
My abiding memories of Richard Attenborough are as the director of Gandhi, John Hammond in Jurassic Park or the sweet, frail man I met at a book signing in London. Therefore it came as quite a shock to see Dickie as the twisted, manipulative hoodlum Pinky Brown: A local gangster who romances a girl just to keep her from testifying against him in a murder case. A terrific British film noir with an amazing chase sequence, with Pinky's gang (featuring Dr Who William Hartnell) stalking a former associate through the busy streets and seafront of Brighton that ends on a ghost train. Soon to be remade, catch the original classic first (then watch The Third Man, also written by Graham Greene)

319 - The Lion King - 4 stars

OMG, how good is this film? Very good is the answer. I hadn't really seen it in years and was very impressed. From the opening bars of "Arsene Wenger" in 'Circle of Life' there follows the best collection of Disney songs in one movie (you can slag Elton all you want, he can produce some fantastic songs) and provides the great trivia question: In which film did Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane first sing together?
Loved the Bambi meets Hamlet storyline (or Bamlet or Hambi), and the fact the Simba's dad is voiced by James Earl Jones (aka Darth Vader), "Simba, I am your father".
One of the best Disney films ever made.

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