Wednesday, 19 January 2011


So Warner Bros have officially announced some of the casting for the new Batman film.

Man of the moment Tom Hardy will be playing Bane and hopefully Nolan can go someway to rectifying the horrendous treatment that the character went through during Batman & Robin.

Catwoman is much more contentious casting as my number one pick was:
Marion Cotillard
But she went and got herself pregnant ruling her out of the race.
Second choice was Natalie Portman...

but she went and got pregnant too.
So we are left with Nolan's choice of Anne Hathaway...

I'm a little hesistant about the casting but Rachel Getting Married showed she can do more than just be a goodie two-shoes and I know she'll look good in a catsuit (or out of one if Love And Other Drugs was anything to go by).
However the big casting news seems to have been missed by all the big movie websites but "official sources" claim that Nolan needed someone to help the film appeal to the kids and so teeny bopper sensation Justin Bieber will be playing Robin (OMFG!!!!)

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