Friday, 7 January 2011

The Top Ten Films of 2011 - week 1

I decided something when I was doing my Top Ten list for 2010. I realised that I was spending ages looking back through lists and ticket stubs, etc to try and remember all the films I had seen that year in order to try and decide what the top ten were. I realised that it would be much easier to chart the top ten throughout the year, thus saving myself a lot of time come December.
So each week, I'll update my top ten to include films I have watched that week.
Here goes (note there are only 3 films at the moment as that is all I have seen so far!)

1. BLACK SWAN - 5 stars
"If Polanski ever directed a mash-up of The Red Shoes, All About Eve, Suspiria and Showgirls, the result would be Black Swan. A dark, disturbing masterpiece with a career best performance by Natalie Portman. Her final dance as the black swan is one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life."

2. THE KING'S SPEECH - 3 stars
"a safe, run-of-the-mill BBC drama elevated to cinematic status due to the great performances of its cast"

3. 127 HOURS - 3 stars
"Great performance by Franco as a man stuck between a rock & a film that has visual, aural & editing ADHD"

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