Wednesday, 1 October 2014

In Order Of Disappearance - review

Stellan Skarsgard plays mild-mannered "Citizen Of The Year" Nils Dickman, whose job is to keep the roads through his small town clear of snow and ice.

He's the Norwegian version of Mr. Plow but it's snow joke when his son is murdered by a drug kingpin and Dickman decides to eliminate the entire gang one member at a time as he discovers that revenge is best served ice cold.

The cinematography is stunning and the entire film looks fantastic, and knows that blood never looks better than when it is splattered on fresh snow.

Skarsgard is terrific as the Everyman-turned-vigilante whose vicious retribution is undercut with a twisted sense of humour that highlights some of the absurdity of the situation that spirals out of control when the drug kingpin wrongly pins the disappearance of his cronies on a rival gang, setting up an overblown finale.

It has been described as "Death Wish meets Fargo" but feels more like Tarantino directing The Killing.

3 stars

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