Monday, 6 October 2014

The Maze Runner - review

The Maze Runner begins with a confused and disorientated Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) finding himself in "The Glade" which is habituated by a group of teenage boys who have built a society reminiscent of Lord Of The Flies, even down to the chubby kid (but he doesn't get picked on because he's not ginger).

Since Dylan O'Brien is suffering from memory loss, it is natural to have many questions like "where", "how", "when", "why" and "who" and thankfully Thomas Brodie-Sangster is on hand to help fill the role of Basil Exposition and explain they are in the the middle of a giant maze and have been trying for years to find a way out. Something that O'Brien may be the key to unlocking.

So far, it feels like a combination of Cube and Lost but unlike Lost it doesn't hang about when answering the many questions it asks. Threatening to tie everything up in a neat little bundle before you remember that this is based on a Young Adult novel which is obviously part of a trilogy and therefore sets up a sequel.

However it does fail to answer one particular question about their society.

30 boys in a glade for three years? Before Kaya Scodelario showed up, who played the girl? Who was the fresh fish if you know what I mean...

Scha-maze-ing? A-Maze-Balls? Much like the boys in the glade the end result is slap bang in the middle.

3 stars

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