Monday, 3 November 2014

Mr. Turner - review

Going in to Mr. Turner, expectations were high. Everyone was talking about this seeing this "masterpiece".

Coming out, it felt like I had looked at the Mona Lisa and just seen a painting of a woman with a funny smile.

Art is subjective and so is the criticism. Where some see amazing works of art, others see splodges of paint.

Where some see a "masterclass" in Timothy Spall's portrayal of JMW Turner, I see a man lumbering around like Toad Of Toad Hall, issuing more grunts than the US Marine Corps.

It is undeniable that the film, like Turner's paintings, is beautiful to look at (although perhaps not during the scene where Spall is seen rutting away with his housekeeper up against a bookcase), but may simply be a case that I just don't "get it".

3 stars

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