Monday, 8 December 2014

Black Sea - review

Fired from his job, submarine captain Jude Law gathers together a crew to head to the Black Sea to find a German U-Boat filled with Nazi gold.

The premise is rather old school, "men on a mission" stuff but director Kevin McDonald does a good job of increasing the pressure and sense of cabin fever and claustrophobia.

It's just a shame that none of the characters are really given room to breathe beyond Law's divorced skipper and (an always good value) Ben Mendelsohn's crazy diver.

However the biggest question is whether Jude Law struck gold with his "Aberdonian" accent or did he deliver a sub-par performance?

Being born and bred in Aberdeen, I can categorically state that while at times it may approach sounding like Doric, it gave me that sinking feeling as it went for a tour of the seven seas and never once settling on a final destination.

3 stars

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