Monday, 1 December 2014

Horrible Bosses 2 - review

It seems that <I>Horrible Bosses</I> was enough of a success that producers did what they do with any comedy vehicle that does well in America: commission more of it and keep running with it until it runs out of jokes and outstays its welcome.

It remains unclear who (if anyone) demanded or needed a sequel but we have one and it immediately bucks the trend of going louder, crazier, bigger and more extreme by immediately downgrading the central premise of having three employees plot to murder their bosses to plotting to kidnap a double crossing employer.

For the next 90 minutes they not only rehash a lot of the jokes and gags from the first film, along with probably improvising 90% of the dialogue, but also bring back all the characters from the first film including Jennifer Aniston's nymphomaniac dentist who they steal nitrous oxide from.

To be honest, it would have been great to have some laughing gas in the screen as this only raised the mildest of chuckles in a film that should be handed its P45 for not performing to the best of its abilities.

<b>2 stars</b>

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  1. While the original movie was boosted with essential escapist moments, the sequel on the first hand, seems more like a desperate affair to rehash the material for the sake of presenting it as a sequel.