Thursday, 5 February 2015

Evening Express - At The Belmont Filmhouse column

One of the reasons I have not been as frequent with my blog reviews is because I have been writing a weekly column for the Belmont Filmhouse in the Evening Express's Nightlife supplement every Thursday.
January saw the start of a media partnership between the cinema and the paper and alongside a number of promotions and competitions that are planned, one of the main benefits is the chance to shine a spotlight each week on one of our films, one that might not get the same sort of local media coverage as the multiplex wide releases.
So far I have talked about The Best of 2014, Whiplash, Enemy, Inherent Vice and Ex_Machina.
Never just a straight review, each piece will normally look at the film from a specific angle.
Anyway, a collection of the columns so far are pictured below but don't forget to pick up your copy every Thursday!

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