Friday, 20 August 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 339

269 - A Place In The Sun - 3 stars
You know, if my memory serves correctly, and it normally does, then the only Elizabeth Taylor film that I have ever seen is The Flintstones.
The only only Liz Taylor I've ever known is the ageing, divorced Liz that we've seen in the papers the last few years.
So imagine my shock when I watched this film and found out that she was a major hottie back in the day, hubba hubba.
This story of a fatal love triangle has two strong female leads, particularly Shelley Winters (who might have had trouble swimming in this film but at least she made up for it in The Posieden Adventure!), but I found Montgomery Clift to be a rather bland leading man. He didn't seem to have the charisma to charm both, let alone, one of these ladies.
Luckily a blustering, yelling Raymond Burr aka Perrry Mason turns up towards the end as a vindictive D.A. to give the final moments some much needed oomph.

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