Monday, 30 August 2010

TOTAL CULT: Human Centipede & The Room

This week I launched a new series of screenings at The Belmont called TOTAL CULT.

The first two films we had were THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE and THE ROOM, both of which were exclusive to us and have had a lot of press.

THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE is a movie that really only exists because the director came up with the idea of sewing three people together after a discussion about a suitable punishment for paedophiles. It turns out that the film is actually much less graphic than the disugsting premise suggests but what you get is a throwback to the crazy scientist/body horror B-Movies of the 80's, with a tour-de-force performance from Dieter Laser as the insane surgeon.

THE ROOM has been billed as "the worst film ever made" and it might be, but it is so unintentionally hilarious that it becomes a work of demented genius. Tommy Wiseau is clearly on a different planet, and his writing, directing and acting is so terrible but because it believes that it is a serious movie that it works as a "so bad it's good" film that is best seen with an audience. There was banter throughout the film; cringing at the (several) sex scenes complete with jazz soft core ballads, cheering for the line "You're tearing me apart Lisa", and general laughter for continuity errors, just plain bad acting and recurring gems like Lisa declaring that she "doesn't want to talk about it".

All the screenings so far have been really well attended, in fact the Sunday night show of CENTIPEDE was a near sell-out, and the audiences have been fantastic. They have taken each film in the spirit that is intended and tonight THE ROOM even got a standing ovation from a group.

These films were a gamble as I wasn't sure if there would be an audience for them but I am delighted that there is an audience for these kind of films in Aberdeen and I'll be doing my best to continue to this type of screening, perhaps with Blaxploitation spoof BLACK DYNAMITE.

One of the most satisfying things about tonight was getting the great feedback from everyone, and one guy was even speaking about how he loved the title TOTAL CULT because it reminded him of that joke from Spaced which was where I got it from. The joke of course being that Tim's girlfriend couldn't see him because there was a spelling mistake on the cover of one of the magazines she was working on, "which one?", "Total Cult".

But first I'll be bringing back THE ROOM for another screening with full interactive audience participation involving throwing plastic spoons and american footballs!

Glad to listen to suggestions for other films to screen as part of the new TOTAL CULT season. Just post suggestions below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Hi Dallas, big fan of your cinema and blog. I attended one of your screenings of the Room and it was easily one of the best experiences I've had in a cinema, and the most people I've ever seen in screen 3! Other screenings in a similar vein would be welcomed: may I be the first to suggest Troll 2?