Thursday, 14 April 2011

Happy Birthday to the Picturehouse Podcast

A quick blog post to wish a very Happy Birthday to the Picturehouse Podcast which is 1 year old today.  The Picturehouse Podcast is THE film podcast to listen to (if you must listen to another one then Mayo and Kermode's is quite good too) and is hosted by the dynamic duo of Sam Clements and Simon Renshaw.
Over the past year they have cast their critical gaze over the latest releases, kept us up to date with movie news and gossip and even interviewed the odd special guests like Gareth Edwards, Edgar Wright, Richard Ayoade and even Dame Helen Mirren!
I have had the pleasure of donating my dulcet tones to the odd podcast, including an exclusive one recorded on the beach at Cannes, and you might often hear the voices of cool people like Chris Hewitt from Empire, Limara from Your Turn Heather, Charlie from Ultra Culture, The Incredible Suit, and the film reviewer I look up to the most (literally) Robbie Collin make the odd guest appearance to join in the hilarity.
Anyway, Sam & Simon are hosting a birthday party tonight to celebrate with a screening of The Big Lebowski (one of the greatest films ever made) at The Ritzy Cinema complete with party games, a live podcast recording before the film and plenty of White Russians.  "Just be careful man, there's a beverage here!".
To book tickets for the event, click here.  To subscribe to the excellent podcast, click here or visit Soundcloud to browse and listen to some blasts from the past.

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