Sunday, 3 April 2011

"Made it Ma, top of the world" - DVDs to avoid for Mothers' Day presents

Today is Mothers' Day and you may have left it late getting her that all important present. You are possibly heading to HMV to pick up the safe choice of Made In Dagenham because it was released on Monday just in time, is about female empowerment and equality and you have realised that your mum is indeed a women and you want her to feel empowered, despite the fact that she has spent many years cooking for you, cleaning your clothes, etc. 

However you may decide to go for something a little different. If this is the case then you must be careful as the displays in HMV can sometimes be counterproductive as you will know if a) you ever been in one of their stores or b) read the amusing article by The Incredible Suit about his recent shopping trip. So to help you all out, I have a quick list of five films to avoid buying her as a present as they may give off the wrong message:

1. Precious The major inspiration for this article, I too had an Incredible Suit moment when I was browsing the HMV at Trocadero and saw this film in the 'Love Your Mum' section (they also had Martin Lawrence movies under a section called Black Cinematic Icons!). Mary (in a terrifying and Oscar winning performance by Mo'nique) is everything you would not want in a mother (evil, abusive, uncaring, vulgar, etc, etc) and by giving this as a present it either says "well done on not being like her" or "Mum, we need to talk about your attitude with this social worker who looks like Mariah Carey". See also: Mommie Dearest, A Cry In The Dark

2. Bambi Bambi's mother gets shot!!! Note, not a spoiler as it happens early as it the event that sets the story in motion.

3. Psycho "A boy's best friend is his mother". The story of Norman Bates and his mother is one of the all time greatest cinematic relationships but not the most appropriate. She would start to question your motives, especially if her dresses go missing! See also: Throw Momma From The Train

4. Black Swan Barbara Hershey's matriach is up there with Faye Dunaway on the Mommie Dearest stakes but it also wins points for the awkward moment where Portman nearly gets caught practising the two fingered tango. Not one to watch with Mother!

5. Sex And The City 2 I just wanted to echo Incredible Suit's thoughts and tell you to avoid giving her a copy of SATC2 which is not only one of the worst films of last year but an affront to women everywhere! A film so bad that one female reviewer, was a fan of the show, wrote "if this is modern womenhood allow me to sew up my vagina"!

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