Monday, 4 April 2011

Top Ten Films of 2011: First Quarter results

So we are now into April and a quarter of the way through the year already. The awards season is now over and we are gearing up for the summer blockbusters to hit, so I feel that now is a good time to reflect on what my top ten of the year is so far.

1. Black Swan - 5 stars
"Without a doubt, one of the best films I've ever seen. Aronofsky takes elements from films like Suspiria, Repulsion, even Showgirls to create a dizzying, disturbing descent into madness. Portman delivers the only performance to ever cause me to shed a tear. Astonishing stuff"

2. Rango - 5 stars
"Finally an animated film to rival Pixar. Think Fear and Lizards in Las Vegas, it is glorious to look at and delightfully subversive and all the more entertaining for the Chinatown references. Timothy Olyphant has the cameo of the year as The Spirit Of The West."

3. Submarine - 4 stars
"Moss from The I.T. Crowd delivers the British Film Of The Year (so far) on his first attempt with a beautiful and bittersweet rite-de-passage movie fuelled by top notch performances"

4. Animal Kingdom - 4 stars
"A cracking family crime drama that is the best thing to come out of Australia since Kylie Minogue's bottom"

5. Source Code - 4 stars
"Much more than 'Jakes On A Train' or 'Groundhog Day meets Inception'. This is a Hollywood thriller that is well executed, entertaining, thought provoking and has a lot of heart. Could Duncan Jones be the next Christopher Nolan? I hope so."

6. Confessions - 4 stars
"It would have been a 5 star film if it had ended after it's stunning 20 minute opening sequence. After a middle section that loses its focus, it comes back with a vengeance in a twisted finale. Proves yet again that no one does revenge films better than Asian filmmakers"

7. True Grit - 4 stars
"The Rooster abides in a seemingly effortless piece of genre filmmaking that is over far too quickly. Damon is usual underrated self but Steinfeld is 2011's Chloe Moretz"

8. Cave Of Forgotten Dreams - 4 stars
"I'm not that into natural history but Herzog's gravily narration combined with the stunning photography drew me into this fascinating documentary... and nice to see some lizards make an appearance"

9. The Adjustment Bureau - 4 stars
"Amazing chemistry between Damon and Blunt raises what could have been a confusing, muddled sci-fi thriller into a genuinely touching romance."

10. The Fighter - 4 stars
"The best boxing movie since Rocky IV"

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