Thursday, 17 September 2009

(500) Films Of Empire: Day 2

Started the day with an early morning viewing of the follow up to The Sixth Sense;

452 - Unbreakable - 4 stars
Probably the best comic book movie about comic books.  Grounded in reality, this unique take on the superhero origin story is elevated by the great central partnership of Willis and Jackson.

After squeezing in a bonus screening of Adventureland in the afternoon (very good by the way but totally mismarketed as Superbad 2), it was back home to continue the blog. And how to link from Unbreakable?  Comic books, Samuel L. Jackson?  It's got to be...

406 - Iron Man - 4 stars
Effortless charisma and cool as Tony Stark made RDJ the hottest star in Hollywood and the coolest man alive. Great first effort from Marvel Studios. Not quite as good as The Dark Knight, but a hell of a lot more fun.

From one man in a metal suit protecting people to another in...

404 - Robocop - 2 stars
Iconic film in the 80's but has dated quite badly. Still very violent in a few places e.g. Dr Romano from ER melting in toxic waste or ED-209's first arrest.  Would I purchase it for my collection?  Not at full price but "I'd buy that for a dollar".

Right off to bed before a long day at work tomorrow.  Should be able to squeeze in a film when I get home though.

Good Night and Good Luck

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