Thursday, 24 September 2009

(500) Films Of Empire - Day 9

75 - A Matter Of Life And Death – 4 stars

Another Powell and Pressburger classic, this one was on More 4 this morning, what a stroke of luck.  One of the great opening scenes in movie history as a pilot facing certain death falls in love with a woman over the radio.

Spent a couple of hours at work sorting through emails and organising our new wine list that goes on sale tomorrow.  Think that will call for Sideways tomorrow night after work with a nice glass of wine.

After I was done, I caught the last screening we had of Mesrine: Public Enemy Number 1.  Vincent Cassell was fantastic as the charming criminal in a slice of French cinematic cool that was even better than a recent Johnny Depp film of a similar name.  Keep your eyes peeled on our listings as I will try to get it back as a double bill.

Checked my diary when I got home and remembered that I have a 10.00 – 6.00 shift on Saturday followed by a trip to theatre so that will mean zero films on Saturday!  How will I cope?  Will I get withdrawal symptoms?  So if I was to lose a day, I had to make up for it this evening.  Still inspired by Julie & Julia, I organised a Parisian cuisine double bill;

379 - Ratatouille – 3 stars

Pixar must love the fact that their early hits like Toy Story and Finding Nemo made so much money, as it has allowed them total freedom and control over their projects.  Can you imagine having to pitch to a studio head that you want to make a film where the lead character is a rat who wants to cook in a Paris restaurant?  Terrific as always (only Cars has been a disappointment) but not my favourite Pixar movie.  Feel that Pixar are best when doing non-human characters (similar problem in WALL-E when the humans appear 2/3 into the film).  Peter O'Toole is simply wonderful as the food critic though.

237 – Delicatessen – 3 stars

It is wise not to fall behind on your rent in this darkly comic tale of a butcher who keeps the people who reside in his apartment block with a supply of fresh meat.  Problems arise when the new tenant proves too popular to eat.  Elements of this movie turn up in Amelie but it proved that Jeunet was a talent to watch.  Hugely inventive, it's the kind of movie that Terry Gilliam would have made if he was French!

Ended the evening by locating a short film from the list on Youtube;

434 – The Cat Concerto – 2 stars

Not really sure why this is on the list.  A classic Tom & Jerry sketch but surely there have been more influential animations that are more deserving to be listed here.  Wasn't violent enough either, Itchy and Scratchy would have kicked both their asses.

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