Sunday, 20 September 2009

(500) Films Of Empire - Day 5

An early start today as I got up early to watch a movie before heading to the pub to watch the football and catch up with my mates.
I chose the shortest movie I owned so I had more time to get ready before heading out so it was 87 minutes long and;

322 - Aladdin - 4 stars
I haven't seen this film since the mid-nineties but still holds up well against classic Disney and Pixar productions.  Also the first post-modern film from Disney (years before Shrek thought of it) by referencing celebrity culture and other Disney films.  Also James Cameron needs to be held to account for stealing the whole "Do you trust me?" part for Titanic.  This film was the one that established the need for having a big celebrity name as part of the voice cast, don't think anyone apart from Eddie Murphy has come close to stealing the show as much as Robin Williams did as the Genie in this film.

So after this blast from the past I headed off to The Dutch Mill for a double bill of a different kind; Man U vs Man City and Chelsea vs Tottenham.  First game was fantastic and ended 4-3 (much to my friend's dad'd delight!) but second game was a disappointment (despite ending 3-0).
After the game was over, headed back to my friends flat for a curry and got them to watch a movie from the list;

374 - Hot Fuzz - 4 stars
Better than Shaun Of The Dead, a fabulous spoof of the Simpson/Bruckheimer/Bay action movies of the 80's/90's all the while set in a quiet West Country town.  The Pegg/Frost partnership from Spaced and SOTD grows and grows and could be this generation's Morecambe and Wise.  Top Marks to Paddy Considine for playing against type.  One of the best British films in years.

Right, I'm off to bed as I'm knackered and a little bit drunk!

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