Friday, 7 May 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 231

66 - Edward Scissorhands - 4 stars
The epitome of everything that is Tim Burton about Tim Burton. The only time he has bettered this is when he abandoned the fairy tale world and told the true life story of Ed Wood (albbeit with a hint of artistic licence).
It is all here; the fairy tale story, the Gothic creative pallete, the Danny Elfman score and of course the beginning of one of the most enduring cinematic partnerships... Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.
Depp was looking to make the leap from teen pin-up in 21 Jump Street and until Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward was arguably his signature role. The quiet, unique social outcast played by the ultimate Hollywood outsider, Edward is mainly a physical performance and Depp draws on his knowledge of silent cinema to make sure that his actions and emotions come across without the reliance on dialogue.
An enchanting tale that also satires the whole Americana housewife lifestyle but with a touch of darkness that pervades much of Burton's work. Also a fitting swansong for Vincent Price in his final role as The Inventor.

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