Monday, 31 May 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 258

Ugh, I feel like I've been having withdrawal symptoms as its been 3 whole days since I've watched a film thanks to the abomination that is the Sex And The City sequel. A truly awful and offensive film that has been massively popular with fans and avoided by everyone else. Hundreds of women dressed up and drinking Cosmopolitans, their idea of heaven, my idea of hell! or
So after a day that featured the busiest 90 minutes in the history of our bar, where a company spent nearly £900 on booze, drinking us dry, I eventually managed to get home to watch some movies.

248 - Pandora's Box - 3 stars
Not a literal telling of the story of Pandora as I had been expecting, but a metaphor for the damage caused to men by the beauty of Lulu, a woman so intoxicating that it drives men to extreme measures including gambling, infidelity and even murder.
Louise Brooks is great as Lulu, with one of the greatest haircuts of all time, and strong support from a guy who seems to be the German equivalent of Orson Welles.
Interestingly the film climaxes in London with an appearance by a famous character by the name of Jack. At one point there is a sign in London warning women of the dangers of walking alone but it is written in German, rather than being translated. Found that a little odd but perhaps that is subtitling double standards!

229 - Festen - 4 stars
Part of the famous Dogme movement of the mid-nineties. The rules on filming on location, handheld cameras, diegetic sound, natural lighting, etc allowed for a more accessible style of filmmaking to low budget directors, and was created by Vinterberg and Lars Von Trier (who interestingly enough does not feature on the list).
This story of the public exposure of private family secrets during a 60th birthday party is shocking, not just for the accusations of sexual abuse and the hands of the father, but also in the blaise way that this news is accepted by the guests at the party. Is it something that all these Bouregois families do?

Days remaining - 107 Films remaining - 132

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