Tuesday, 18 May 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 244

317 - Midnight Run - 3 stars
Who knew that Robert DeNiro could be this funny? I know he's done 'comedy' recently with the likes of Meet The Parents but this is his most genuinely funny performance as Jack Walsh. He cracks wise and has a great rapport with co-star Charles Grodin but I personally loved any moment between DeNiro and Yaphet Kotto's Agent Moseley and the running gag about the sunglasses.
Working with DeNiro whilst in comedy Method mode must have been quite an intimidating experience!
Overall an unexpectedly funny and enjoyable buddy road movie.

168 - Tootsie - 3 stars
Dustin Hoffman stars as an out-of-work actor who is forced to audition as a woman because nobody will hire him as he is so difficult to work with... funny that it should be Hoffman playing this part!
But this is a romantic comedy so obviously complications arise as he becomes a huge star and falls for his female co-star.
The way that he handles his/her reveal on live TV is a work of genius and just fits perfectly within the ridiculousness of US TV Soap plotlines.
However what bothered me though, and this is not particular to Tootsie but more a general rule of thumb for romantic comedies, was the speed and ease in which Jessica Lange seems to forgive Hoffman for deceiving her for so long. I know that producers want a happy ending but i doesn't always ring true.

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