Sunday, 23 May 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 250

359 - The Lady Eve - 3 stars
A bright and bubbly screwball comedy with Barbara Stanwyck as a con-artist out to swindle Henry Fonda but, surprise surprise, she falls in love for real!
To win him back she pretends to be 'Lady Eve' which involves no physical disguise whatsoever, prompting Fonda to believe that she is a different person because otherwise she would have adopted a disguise. Slightly twisted logic there.
Stanwyck is much more attractive as a brunette than she was as the blonde femme fatale in Double Indemnity. She has a great natural chemistry with Fonda, enjoying being the comedic foil for once, and this is apparent particularly during the scene where she plays with his hair.
The best moment is when Fonda's romantic intentions are interrupted by a not-too-camera-shy horse.
Also a first for the list in that this is the first Preston Sturges film I've really enjoyed.

348 - Au Hasard Balthasar - 2 stars
A young girl and a donkey live parallel lives of neglect and abuse in this bleak tale that has an ending which is the donkey equivalent of Marley & Me.

Days remaining - 115 Films remaining - 142

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