Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Let's Be Cops - review

Since it stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr Let's Be Cops in a way feels like a prequel to New Girl, examining what Nick and Coach got up to before Jess came along.

It is an action comedy, similar to this year's Ride Along, where men approaching their thirties who are stuck in a rut try to gain a sense of confidence and responsibility be doing one of the most irresponsible things you could do... impersonating a police officer.

Inevitably, while showing off and abusing their new found powers, they attract the attention of some local bad guys and suddenly it is not just jail they are facing for their pretence.

Johnson and Wayans Jr do have a good rapport, as one would expect having worked together for years on a TV show, but the material is weak and tired with not enough gags to make it a good buddy comedy.

There is also a lack of threat due to the East European main villain being played by Brit James D'Arcy, leaving an unexpected cameo to deliver the appropriate but all-too-brief menace.

Better call 911 because this film needs to be read its rights.

1 star

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