Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Inbetweeners 2 - review

With the transfer to the big screen, The Inbetweeners are fast becoming the UK's answer to the American Pie movies; successfully combining gross-out comedy with an underlying sweetness. A film to make you go eeeeeewwwww and awwwwww in equal measure.

Having previously lived it large in Magaluf before heading their separate ways to University, this time round the boys head out to Australia for four weeks to visit Jay who is on a gap year.

Jay's letter home where he bigs up his Australian adventure (by way of a string of absolute horsesh*t is brought to life in an impressively edited one-shot sequence that shows genuine ambition on the parts of the filmmakers to make this more than your standard "Brits abroad comedy".

That ambition however doesn't follow through to the screenplay which is full of your standard jokes and gags about sex, penises, sex, tits, sex, arseholes, sex, top bunk wankers, sex, Australians, sex, Australia, sex, the differences between the UK and Australia and it is all for banter, or "bantz" as they say in an effort to make one of the most awful words currently in use in modern language even worse.

Despite the reservations at the unoriginality in the lewd, crude and very, very rude humour, the fact is that at times it is actually very funny.

There are several set pieces where it is that cringe-inducing level of comedy that invoke a guilty feeling at laughing but you really just can't help it. Whether it is a campfire rendition of 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' or a race down the rapids at a water park, the laughter is as uncontrollable as Neil's IBS.

I normally end my reviews with a summing up paragraph where I shoehorn in a few bad puns about the film's subject but this movie already used the majority of them so I'll just say it gets a thumbs up rather than a thumb down under (which Jay would approve of I'm sure).

3 stars

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