Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Unbeatables - review

Missing an open goal by arriving after the World Cup but sneaking in just at the start of the Premier League season, The Unbeatables was an incredibly Argentinian animation about fussball but unfortunately any sense of fun or enjoyment is lost in translation thanks to an English dub that rewrote the dialogue to fit with a British footballing perspective (despite the fact the town is undeniably Latin American).

Not only must fussball wizard Amadeo put together a team of Mighty Ducks-style misfits and magical fussball players (whose powers are unexplained beyond the tear of a child) to save the town in a football match against former bully-turned-Ronaldo-esque superstar Flash, but he must also try and win the heart of his first love Lara which is difficult when told that his rival has... and i quote verbatim from the film... Taken her with his chopper"! Talk about foul play.

An own goal of a film as lethargic and disorganised as Manchester United playing under Van Gaal.

1 star

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