Monday, 4 August 2014

What If - review

Daniel Radcliffe has continually impressed in his choices and performances since leaving Hogwarts and his turn as Wallace in romantic comedy What If provides further evidence that he will be able to forge a successful career out of the shadow of "he who shall not be named".

Wallace is single. He meets Chantry (Zoe Kazan perfectly playing the smart, sassy cute pixie girl) at a house party where they have an instant connection. Just one problem. She has a boyfriend who is a UN Lawyer (in copyright law) played by Rafe Spall (refreshingly playing him as likeable and un-douchy).

Cue a funny, well acted but completely unoriginal take on the question everyone has asked since the time When Harry Met Sally, "Can a man and a woman really be friends or does sex always get in the way?".

Radcliffe and Kazan's appealing chemistry leads to the question What If they had been given more original material to work with, as this could have been a rom-com to go the distance rather than a quick rebound fling as you continue to search for the next (500) Days Of Summer.

3 stars

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