Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mistaken For Strangers - review

Fans of The National looking to find out more about their favourite band by watching a documentary about their world tour should look for a different documentary because Mistaken For Strangers is not actually about The National but instead a documentary about two brothers and their relationship.

The National are the epitome of the phrase a Band Of Brothers, with two pairs of siblings and lead singer Matt Berninger. Matt decides to invite his younger brother Tom on tour to act as a roadie. It soon becomes apparent that Tom is more interested in filming the tour and living the rock n roll lifestyle than he is doing the job he is actually there to do.

Cue the awkwardly funny moments when Tom gets in trouble for ordering extra booze for him to drink, not realising the band pay for the rider, or when he misplaces the guest list leaving Werner Herzog outside for 45 minutes.

Tempers fray which leads to an argument between the brothers:

"People are acting like I'm only here because you're my brother"
"You are only here because I'm your brother!"

During the editing process the film has evolved from a behind-the-scenes documentary about the band and becomes a film about a guy learning about his brother's life as a famous rock star and how it has affected their sibling relationship.

Some home truths from mom and dad hint at Tom's lack of drive and commitment and it becomes a mission to complete the film and finally succeed at something.

They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and often it can also be more entertaining too, as make no mistake, Tom delivers one of the most unique music docs of recent years.

3 stars

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