Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Walk Among The Tombstones - review

A Walk Among The Tombstones, a private detective story based on a novel hence the 1999 setting, spends a lot of time trying to develop Liam Neeson's character by having traits like "doesn't like modern technology", "hero cop turned retired P.I." and "recovering alcoholic" but thanks to a scene which feels shoehorned in, all it does in reinforce the idea that Neeson is at his best when threatening people over the phone.

It also tries to develop a plot line involving a young, homeless sidekick/partner which doesn't entirely convince given the character's loner status.

It starts off promisingly with a credit sequence that evolves from innocent to chilling but this is nothing more than an average thriller, which following The Guest could have benefitted from more Dan Stevens.

3 stars

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