Thursday, 25 September 2014

Dark Bunny Tees - Moon T Shirt Review

Back in May 2012, I wrote an article for Clothes On Film called Moon: The Double Meaning of Sam Rockwell's Costume Design.

It looked at how certain elements of the character Sam Bell's costumes took on different meanings as the story unfolded.

Safe to say that the article goes into a lot of detail, much of which could be classified as *SPOILERS* so I won't repeat it here. However please do check out the full article here if you are interested.

One particular item of clothing came in for a lot of examination and that was the "Wake Me When It's Quitting Time" tee that Sam wears in the opening montage and makes a reappearance later on.

Safe to say I was over the Moon (get it?), when Dark Bunny Tees announced they were releasing the t-shirt as part of their new range following their recent website redesign (which also includes this fantastic Guardians Of The Galaxy baseball tee).

24 hours after ordering it online the tee arrived and upon opening the package, discovered in an incredibly nice touch that it had been vacuum-sealed in a "Dark Bunny Industries" logo envelope similar to Lunar Industries.

Out of the packaging, the attention to detail in recreating the design is spot-on and a terrific t-shirt perfect for any Moon or film fan.

It's already been included in my Sam Bell ensemble featuring a home made Sarang Mining Facility jacket complete with the patches from the film.

Hopefully one day Dark Bunny Tees will get to produce a Lunar Industries one to complete the outfit.

I can highly recommend Dark Bunny Tees to anyone looking for a cool, referential t -shirt of their favourite movie.

You have to admire Alex, the man behind the bunny, and his designs which are so much more than just the boring, studio-produced movie tees you find in HMV, etc.

They let you subtly display your love of movies, television (or even the odd Twitter craze #Ruffalomboand the enjoyment of exchanging that knowing nod and a wink when somebody recognises it or gets the reference.

Plus he gets infinite kudos points for producing a t-shirt based on my favourite film of the year Snowpiercer when it hasn't even been released in the UK yet and only seen by people who have imported the French blu ray.

So check out the website and get yourself a cool tee pronto. You'd be hopping mad not to... you know, because of the bunny reference... never mind.

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  1. May I ask who you had make all the replica patches? I know nothing about making patches or having them made and what is required. I have been wanting to do something similar for a friend of mine who is a big fan of Moon.