Monday, 1 September 2014

Sex Tape - review

Yesterday this was just a feature length Apple product placement advertisement disguised as a bawdy comedy.

Today Sex Tape is a cautionary tale and horror movie.

Following the news that a hacker stole and "leaked" naked pictures of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, this has become the most unintentionally socially relevant film release of all-time.

No one comes out this film smelling of roses, whether it be Cameron Diaz or Jason Segel and their awkwardly airbrushed youthful faces in the opening segment but especially Apple with many people watching it as an instructional video of how to understand the "f*cking mystery" that is "The Cloud" rather than entertainment.

While it misses its intended mark as a comedy, it does have some valid points to make about the current trend for sex tapes and "leaked" footage and the damage it can cause. At one point Diaz's character correctly states "they won't even be looking at you (referring to Segel) they'll all be looking at me" in that despite it taking two to tango, it is sadly the woman who will predominately be "slut-shamed" over her involvement and receive the brunt of the abuse.

However, and this just proves what a pedantic film geek I actually am, the most frustrating thing about the film was when you finally get to see the sex tape in question, that was filmed on ONE iPad, it features and cuts between several different angles that is impossible to do!

Diaz, Segel and everyone else involved will probably end up viewing this film like an actual sex tape. Seemed like a fun idea at the time but turned out to be a horrible mistake that should be erased from existence.

1 star

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