Monday, 8 September 2014

The Hundred-Foot Journey - review

Slum Hot Dog Millionaire? Slumdog Millionaire Shortbread?

Just two of the alternative titles I came up with to describe this culture-clash movie which sees an Indian family (including a cook with incredible skill and potential) open a restaurant in a small French town opposite a Michelin-star restaurant owned by Dame Helen Mirren's Madame Mallory.

As light and fluffy as a soufflé (or naan bread), the film works best when it is focuses on the rivalry between the two owners and restaurants as they battle to get the upper hand.

Careers, business and emotions rise quicker than freshly baked croissants but it rushes its final act, including an implication of a drinking problem by having a glass of red wine in every scene, and the end result is slightly undercooked and lacking the necessary spice.

3 stars

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