Tuesday, 3 November 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 46 - Halloween

Twas All Hallows Eve and we hosted a big costume party at the cinema, you can check out photos of the best costumes on our Facebook page.  I went as Shaun from Shaun Of The Dead.  Had an incredibly geeky moment when Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg praised my costume on Twitter.  You can see what you think here.  After the party it was time for the main event, a digital screening of a remastered horror comedy classic:

108 - An American Werewolf In London - 4 stars
First of all I have to praise the quality of the digital presentation, it looked fantastic and like a brand new film.  
I have a feeling that The League of Gentlemen were big fans of this film. East Proctor must have been the inspiration for Royston Vasey.  Throughout the opening scenes in the pub I kept thinking "this a local town for local people, there's nothing for you here".  Great support from Brian Glover as the 'chess player'.
Can see why people had a crush on Jenny Agutter when this film came out, she is very cute.
But this film is about werewolves so we need to talk about them.  The transformation scene is still amazing to watch, all done in full light and with none of the CGI that is so commonplace an cheap looking these days.
It strikes the right balance between horror and comedy but I'd forgotten just how funny it was, although a lot of the humour comes from the differences between the Americans and the British, with the scene in the porno theatre the highlight.
Also enjoyed the Frank Oz cameo and the fact the soundtrack was all made up of songs with moon in the title!

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