Thursday, 12 November 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 58

497 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - 3 stars
Watched this film today whilst there was a debate on Twitter about a Lovefilm poll of films that defined a decade, and this film is definitely one of them.
One of my pet peeves is people not watching a film just because it is in a foreign language and has subtitles.  Grow up people!  You are missing out on so many great films by being so close-minded.
Helped by Oscar and BAFTA glory, Crouching Tiger was the film that got people to go out and watch these foreign language films.  It was one of the early success stories here at The Belmont and proved that there was a market for cinemas like us and the rest of the Picturehouse group that show quality films over the latest blockbusters.
There is a plot about a special sword and seeking revenge on someone who killed their teacher hidden somewhere beneath the extraordinary fight scenes.  The first film to really showcase the Wushu style of fighting to the Western world, the choreography is stunning and almost balletic in terms of style.
Inspired a series of this type of film including Hero and House Of Flying Daggers, and Hollywood employing the fight choreographers in all their action movies.
The influence it has had on cinema makes it worthy if the title of one of the "films of the decade".

393 - Garden State - 3 stars
This was Zach Braff's, everyone's favourite Scrubber, first effort at writing and directing, and was the trend during the mid-naughties, the film is a quirky indie slacker comedy.  On its release I was in my mid-twenties and could identify with the lead character Andrew Largeman, not with his high level of Lithium intake, but with his lack of direction in life.  I now know that I'm in the right business for me and just have to work on my personal life.  Seeing it again now, I was slightly more resistant to its charms, but there was still much to enjoy, like Natalie Portman's performance.  She is absolutely adorable as Sam.
And fans of 'The Big Bang Theory' will see a young Sheldon as a "fast food knight".
There is a great moment where Largeman wakes to find 'balls' written on his face, this reminded me of when we did something similar to a friend of ours one evening when he passed out too early in the night!  They will remain nameless!

142 - Almost Famous - 4 stars
Cameron Crowe's semi-autobiographical love letter to the music industry and the power that it can have over people.
The greatest thing about the film is Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lester Bangs, an infectious bundle of energy who has the film's second best line; "the only currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone when you're uncool".
For those who are interested, the film's best line is "They don't even know what it is to be a fan.  To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts".
And that is why I love this film, because that quote sums up how I feel about movies.
Also after seeing this and (500) Days of Summer, I can safely say that Zooey Deschanel has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

Days remaining - 307.  Films remaining - 410

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