Saturday, 28 November 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 74

199 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - 3 stars
Is it really bad to be wishing that something really horrible happens to the guy in a wheelchair in this film? Well, Franklin is sooooooooooo annoying that I was wishing for him to meet the sharp end of a chainsaw very quickly.
I first got this film on a dodgy VHS copy in the US in 1998, when the film was still banned by the BBFC for being too extreme. I thought I was so cool for having a copy of a banned film but my cockiness was short lived as around a month after I as got back the BBFC announced plans to release it uncut!
So was it worth the wait and the hype? Yes... and no.
It would be considered pretty tame by today's standards, as actually most of the violence is commited off camera. However once Sally begins to be chased by Leatherface, it is an almost never ending assault on the senses as Sally is tormented for 30+ minutes, culminating in the most horrific dinner party ever.
I must make special mention of the best character in the film, Grandpa 'The Best Killer Of Them All'. In the most sadistic moment in the film, he is trying to kill Sally but can't hold onto the hammer so he gets help from other members of the family. Hilarious and horrific at the same time.
If you want to see what real fear looks like, look at Marilyn Burns's (Sally) eyes during the dinner scene... pure terror.

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