Wednesday, 11 November 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 57 - Why the world doesn't need Superman Returns

446 - Superman Returns - 1 star
The problem that I have with SUPERMAN RETURNS, is that it should have been great. Bryan Singer had already directed two great comic book movies in X-MEN and X2, they were using the original theme song, the trailers were promising (the bullet hitting the eye was a very geeky moment), yet the end result felt like such a wasted opportunity.

Here is a film that we were told would not be rebooting the franchise but carrying on after the events of SUPERMAN 2, ignoring the other awful sequels.

However the main plot was simply a repeat of the Lex Luthor land storyline from the first film, making it seem like a rerun of old ideas.

Other problems with this film: Kate Bosworth was too young to play Lois Lane. The only good action sequence, albeit a fantastic rescue of the plane and shuttle, was at the beginning of the film. Kevin Spacey was a fantastic Lex Luthor but didn't have enough to do and all his best bits were in the trailers.

All those niggling problems that I had with Superman as a character came to a head: Clark Kent was gone for five years, so was Superman. They both come back on the same day. Somehow the people of Metropolis are not able to notice that a pair of glasses is not the best disguise in the world.

And finally, Superman has some questions to answer over the parentage of Lois's child. Despite Kevin Smith's view on the subject (see the Kryptonite Condom speech from Mallrats), Singer has opted to have Superman be the father of her child. Yes, the did have sex in Superman II, but dependent on which version you watch, Superman has given up his powers and become human - so would he have even be able to pass on his powers? Also at the end of the film, he erases Lois's memory so she doesn't know his secret identity therefore also erasing the memory of them having sex. Lois must be wondering how she could have had sex with Superman without her knowledge... he must have been faster than a speeding bullet!

Phew, think that is my rant over... suffice to say that it is a thumbs down to Superman Returns.


  1. You are going at a blistering pace sir. I'm impressed.
    You've seen almost as many as me despite me having almost a years head start - I feel ashamed

    I've watched superman returns twice now & still don't really know (or care) what happens.

    I also agree that it is all about Kevin Spacey.

    I'm coming to your cinema tomorrow - will you be around sir?

  2. Really what time? Will make sure I'm around. Have you found Heimat yet? I'm still struggling to find a copy!

  3. I've just picked up my ticket for the 8:40 showing of An Education. But I finish work at half 6 so will be wandering around from then.

    Easiest way to do this is probably Twitter. If you follow me on @CJAmazing I'll DM you my details - would relish some company. Specially one as Film Geeky as myself.

    Also, despite the Captain James Pseudonym, my names Tim. Pleasure to make your acquaintance

  4. Cool. I'm not working today (more film watching!) but will meet you for a drink at 6.30. Will DM you on Twitter.