Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Cold In July - review

Ignorance is bliss and in the case of this excellent new-noir thriller, it is best enjoyed with as little prior knowledge as possible. So it is recommended you go into this film cold... in July!

Accidentally killing an intruder in his home is just the beginning of quiet family man and picture framer Michael C. Hall's troubles as he soon finds himself in Deep (South) sh*t.

It would do it a disservice to discuss any more of the plot of this 80's set film noir (complete with a fantastic synth score that continually ratchets up the tension) as it goes off the beaten track into unexpected places, drawing favourable comparisons with other genre pieces such as Cape Fear and A History Of Violence that also examine the darkness lurking within the heart of man.

Jim Mickle's assured direction creates a sense of unease and dread as thick as molasses and draws strong performances from his trio of leading men.

Dark, dirty and dangerous, this is neo-noir at its blackest and well worth seeking out because revenge is a dish best served Cold In July,

4 stars

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