Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The House Of Magic - review

In one of the coldest film openings of recent years, a car pulls up by a house, a ball is tossed outside and a young cat chases after it only for the owners to quickly slam the door shut and drive off.

He wanders the streets, nervous and frightened and alone, nearly getting hit by cars and attacked by dogs but before you can say Abra-cat-dabra, he winds up in the house of an old illusionist who welcomes him with open arms.

His arrival doesn't sit to well with the two main stars of his act, a mouse and rabbit who are hopping mad.

But they must get past their differences if they are to save their home from the magician's evil real estate agent nephew as the film turns into an animated version of Home Alone, albeit one where Macaulay Culkin is played by a ginger tomcat and aided by a group of mechanical toys, which may or may not be magically powered (its never really gone into how they move and seem to have sentient life).

Although rated a U, it has some rather creepy moments which might unsettle the very young particularly through the 3D which is used to full effect.

There is nothing new or original here, like a tired old magic trick and if it had only been dressed up a little more it could have fooled audiences into appreciating its wonder.

2 stars

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