Monday, 28 July 2014

Joe - review

Much of the buzz around Joe was about this being a return to form for Nicolas Cage following years of dirge like other one word films Stolen, Next, Trepass and Justice.

With similarities to Mud extending beyond the casting of Tye Sheridan, Cage plays the mysterious stranger who can offer a young boy a possible escape from his current situation.

Joe is a man with a dark past, with hints of violence and anger bubbling under the surface, and this is where Cage should really excel however it feels like Nic has Caged the beast within and his performance is almost too restrained.

Where there should be the constant threat of danger of his temper boiling over, of a man fearful of losing control, it never really happens. There is only one real Cage moment when he goes off on one and calls a dog an asshole.

Sadly the result is just an Average Joe.

2 stars

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