Monday, 26 May 2014

Blended - review

Nowadays the arrival of a new Adam Sandler film is about as welcome as a bout of dysentery and is usually less amusing and enjoyable.

Following the execrable Grown Ups 2 it was to be expected that another bout of cinematic diarrhoea was on the way, especially with all the groaning and uncomfortable shuffling going on in the auditorium, but there was a mild Imodium-like respite in the form of Drew Barrymore.

As predictable as a screenplay about two single parents who have a terrible blind date but both end up on the same family holiday resort can be it unfortunately it feels like it got stuck with the kids, saccharine and sentiment whilst another movie ran off with the jokes and the laughs.

It might be the team that brought you The Wedding Singer but this is about as far away from recapturing that magic as the distance the stars travelled for this free holiday, sorry I meant movie.

Blended certainly ain't splendid.

2 stars

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