Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Top Ten Films of 2011 - Week 7

It has taken me a few weeks to actually see some more films this year. I'm puzzled by this but looking back at the film line up we have had, it has mostly been dominated by the same films The King's Speech and Black Swan (which I've actually seen five times now).
This week I have made up for my absence from the screen by seeing four new films. Once I catch Paul, I'll have a full ten films and then we can start the process of adding and deleting films from the exclusive club.

1. BLACK SWAN - 5 stars
"An absolute masterpiece and the first film to ever make me shed a tear"

2. TRUE GRIT - 4 stars
"The Rooster Abides in this effortless film from the Coens. Hailee Steinfield is 2011's Chloe Moretz"

3. ANIMAL KINGDOM - 4 stars
"A cracking family crime drama which is the best thing to come out of Oz since the Wizard"

4. THE FIGHTER - 4 stars
"Esquire called it 'The best boxing movie since Rocky'... not quite but certainly the best boxing movie since Rocky IV. Bale is on terrific form"

5. BLUE VALENTINE - 4 stars

6. THE KING'S SPEECH - 3 stars
"A good BBC drama elevated to overrated status thanks to some great performances"

7. 127 HOURS - 3 stars
"2011's BURIED... only not as good!"

8. NEVER LET ME GO - 2 stars
"I am quite happy to let this one go. Boring and insipid. As far as recent films about clones go, I actually preferred The Island!"


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