Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Belmont Picturehouse

Last week I was very lucky to write a Cine-files review of The Belmont Picturehouse for The Guardian website.

I believe that my review is balanced and fair, especially given my history with the cinema.
Now that the future of the building has been secured, it is nice to see that City Screen have invested some money by upgrading all the screens to digital projection and the bar has benefitted from E.A.R.L. serving delicious food and the introduction of live music and events.
I still have some misgivings over the high ticket prices and some of the film choices. 21 Jump Street, unsurprisingly, performed poorly for example.
Personally I feel that they should try to model their ticket prices and film line-up on the fantastic Prince Charles Cinema in London which does tremendously well despite being surrounded by several multiplex cinemas in Leicester Square by having a diverse, exciting film schedule and competitive pricing structure.
But I cannot be too harsh as The Belmont remains the only place in Aberdeen that you are able to enjoy riotus screenings of cult classic The Room.

The response to the article so far it has helped strengthen my resolve to really give this freelance film journalism thing my very best and hopefully turn it from a hobby into a paid career.
Plus I can now put on my CV that I've written for The Guardian and Empire magazine... websites.

Anyway, to read the review in full head over to The Guardian website here.

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