Thursday, 5 November 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 50

247 - All That Jazz - 1 star
I think it is now safe to say that I am not a fan of the work of Bob Fosse!  I hated Cabaret and did not like this film either.
I found it incredibly over-the-top and self indulgent but I guess that is to be expected when it is a semi-autobiographical story written and directed by Fosse.
With a heavy influence from Fellini's 8&1/2, it follows the hard drinking, hard smoking, womanising director/choreographer Joe Gideon as he looks back on his relationships and struggles to bring a show to the stage (based on Fosse's real life production of Chicago).
Certainly not to everyone's taste (though clearly appealing to Baz Luhrmann), Fosse doesn't care as he made this film for himself, but his undeniable talent for staging, choreography and all that jazz do shine through in the musical numbers.

I must apologise for the delay in posting these blogs, but the usual 48 hour working week, rehearsals for a play and watching all these movies is starting to take its toll.  50 days gone, 75 films watched.  I know that I will have to pick up the pace if I'm to complete this challenge.

Days remaining - 315.  Films remaining - 425

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