Friday, 27 November 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 73

380 - Children Of Men - 4 stars
In my humble opinion this was the best film of 2006, and it is a crime that it did not receive the attention/accolades/audience that it deserved on its release.
Funny that I should be watching this in 2009 as that is the year in the film when mankind ceased being able to conceive, thus humanity is looking at a slow decline towards extinction as society is collapsing in on itself. But a ray of hope exists in the form of Kee, a young girl, who Clive Owen tries to escort to 'The Human Project'.
Owen is fantastic as the everyman who has the burden of the future of the human race on his shoulders. Some argue that Owen is a boring actor but I feel that when he has the right role (Closer, Inside Man, etc) he is a great actor.
The cinematography is absolutely stunning, with several single take shot including one in a car that will leave you wondering "how the hell did they do that?". My only grumble would be that when you start to notice how clever the camera work is, you start to get distracted from the story.
More science fact than science fiction, this is a much more realistic vision of the future than a film like Blade Runner, and more believable and scary because of it.
Love the fact that Owen wears a London 2012 sweater for most of the film!

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