Thursday, 7 January 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 114

230 - Howl's Moving Castle - 1 star
Well 150+ movies watched I've finally come across a film that I care as little about as this.
A young woman is cursed into becoming a 90 year old woman who seeks out the wizard Howl who might be able to lift the curse, yet ends up falling in love with.
The main problem I have (and there are many) is that Howl is an annoying, petulant idiot (maybe that's why he's voiced by Christian Bale, baa-zing!) and can't really find any reasons why Sophie would fall in love with him.
There is also a war subplot that is glossed over until the end of the film. Sophie kisses a scarecrow who turns back into a human being saying that true love broke the spell, but is informed that she loves Howl. Slightly miffed he quickly explains that he is the missing prince whose disappearance caused the war and that he'd better go home and sort it out.
Hated it, hated it, hated it.

203 - Monty Python's Life Of Brian - 3 stars
After my biblical epic disappointment earlier this week it was nice to see Python do Ben Hur but without the chariot race!
A very funny attack on faith, not God, but faith, with some classic moments but for me it isn't as good as the funnier more quotable Holy Grail.
But what a way to end, with 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life'. Just hope that they use it as the end credit music for The Road when its released tomorrow!

Days remaining - 251 Films remaining - 333


  1. DUDE you are not allowed to watch the dubbed versions! That's cheating! Also I completely disagree with you! But I like that!

  2. I love your blog, although I don't always agree with it! I also love your cinema. HOWEVER, how DARE you criticise Christian Bale!? It's just Unforgiveable, I'm sorry.

  3. How is this? Is that you Christian? I told you we were done professionally!
    Just kidding, I actually really like Bale. I think he's awesome in American Psycho and even don't mind his gruff Batman voice.
    The temptation to make that joke was just too much, given his Terminator meltdown.
    If I have offended anyone I apologise and will be resigning from the BBC shortly ;)